K3 Line output plots

I took a couple of plots of the K3’s Line output compared to the Headphone output

For these plots the K3 was connected to a wideband noise generator. measurements were made with my Delta 44 soundcard

The line out is in green. the Blue trace is the headphone output with the volume set to match the level of the line out

The first plot is with the line output level set to 100, the second plot is with the line output level set to 5

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  1. stephen arnold (kb9avs) says:

    tell us non-technical folks what your plots suggest. Thanks.

  2. ei6iz says:

    My plots would suggest that you should run the LIN out settings on the K3 as high as you require to drive your soundcard correctly. The amount of distortion present on the lin out does not seem to increase as the output level is turned up on my K3, it actually decreases.

    Ghosts on the waterfall should be dealt with by choosing an appropriate filter and filter centre frequency as well as setting the dynamic range of your waterfall appropriately.

    Your mileage may vary and each setup is different.

  3. pierino de nardo says:

    A: support@elecraft.com

    Oggetto: Problem on the K3 sub receiver band independence

    After to
    have installed the sub receiver module in my K3 rx-tx, and as from the
    owner’s manual
    (on pag. 37), I try to set the sub receiver to a
    different band from main, using “BSET” and
    “BAND” buttons. So this set
    don’t work, and on the display I read “MAIN”.
    Before I set in the
    CONFIG KRX3, the aux rf source on ANT-BNC.
    Then in the CONFIG I try to
    set to YES, the VFO IND: and again this set don’t work properly,
    and on
    the display I read “UNAVAIL”.
    The MCU firmware uploaded is REV. 2.67 (
    the latest regular release).
    So where is the problem and how can I
    solve it ?.

    Many thanks and 73 de IV3YYK Pierino de nardo.

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