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Adding PPS to a cheap USB GPS stick

Yesterday I came across this interesting video of Eric S. Raymond giving a talk. About 40 minutes in He talks of a fascinating project to develop and have produced a USB GPS dongle with PPS (Pulse per second) supportĀ  to … Continue reading

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A new Toy

On Thursday I received my field test version of the KPA500, Serial Number #15 It’s the soon to be released 500W solid state linear amplifier from Elecraft covering the HF and 6m bands This picture shows the KPA500 in the … Continue reading

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A pleasant surprise in the post

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An interesting Problem

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K3 Line output plots

I took a couple of plots of the K3’s Line output compared to the Headphone output For these plots the K3 was connected to a wideband noise generator. measurements were made with my Delta 44 soundcard The line out is … Continue reading

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KRX3 the elecraft K3 Sub Receiver

My KRX3 arrived yesterday and after about 4 hours of work It was fitted into my K3. For those of you that don’t already know The KRX3 adds a second receiver of equal specification to the primary receiver to the … Continue reading

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Cheap Headset

One of the nice things about the elecraft K3 is the support that it has for a very wide range of microphones. The rear panel mic connector is directly compatible with computer headsets once the bias voltage is enabled to … Continue reading

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Last October I was at an event organised in Clifden to commemorate 100 years of Commercial radio. On October the 17th 1907 the worlds first commercial point to point wireless link opened for service between Clifden in Ireland and Glace … Continue reading

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The Elecraft K3 and an Audio Patchbay

I have had the very nice elecraft K3 here in the shack since November 2007. It’s an absolutely fantastic radio and it also has a lot of I/O connections on it’s crowded rear panel. Elecraft for user convenience sake make … Continue reading

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A Blog

Well I resisted Having a blog for a good number of years now, Finally it’s time to give in and follow the herd

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